Eat the seed of your own ‘need’

Hey, what are you doing?
And … why are you here?
And what road you follow?
One of love, or of fear?

All steps that you take here
Are Seeds: you are sowing!
The cake that you bake
Starts a river that’s flowing!

Whatever you think
Is a light that shines: bright.
It’s reflections return
for more peace or … a fight.

Whoever you are now,
Filled with love or with hate;
What you’re doing to others
Will become your new fate.

So, be gentle, my sweeties,
Be you’re high or you’re low.
Know: that what you are thinking
Is where you shall go.

You are all High Creators,
Working hard on the land.
You MUST eat your own crop,
As is writ’ in God’s Hand.

Auteur: dromenvanpapier

Tarotist, Fotograaf, Schrijver en fantast

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