End Time

The Endtimes

We live in strange times… Ask any person aged above say fifty and he/she will gladly tell you that in their experience that is definately so. They have been and are witness to enormous waves of change that have been flowing in and pressing on like unnaturally high tides, irregularly springing out of bounds as regular tsunamis of psychological and physiological challenge that, it seems, started rumbling in since about thirty odd years ago and are continuing full blast to batter the coasts of our minds, bodies and intelligence in a crescendo of technological, environmental and ethical weirdness the world has seldom seen before in such a scope and intensity.

The Hindu Scriptures call it ‘Kali Yoga’, the Age of Iron, where the Sheep of Truth has lost three of its four limbs and can hardly lumber along, crawling up and down the hills of life to get to its food, that, in this age, is poisened like the waterstreams that helped it push up to a heavily contaminated soil. Even the air in this Age is polluted and the people have lost their sense of direction, believe they fare perfectly well without the moral guidlines of their ancestors and are allowed to do whatever they goddamned well please. They have lost sight of the old gods, lost interest in their fellow creatures and exploit everything and everyone for just a little bitt of immediate gratification of their dulled senses and their sickened search for power.

The Buddhists call it the ‘Dharma Ending Period’, where even monks in their monestaries cannot save themselves any more, as the spiritual dharma that they were taught to follow has become hollow and does not really work any more. Monks sell their prayers and rituals for money to common folk that still follow doggedly the old routines, turning their prayerwheels and burning incense in front of not properly sanctified industrially made Buddha statues that are posessed by demons and animal spirits, since the old gods have left and the purifying power and call of the real Buddha’s to spiritually save the people is not heeded, not heard amidst the scwabble of loud prayers and efforts for material gain and the hope for a more comfortable life.

The Christians, who study their Bible, call it the ‘Endtimes’, where the Antichrist rules the world and wages war against all the people of the faith.
The symbol of their religion being the torture tool of suffering and the mark of permanent death of the graveyard till the End of Times, they have collectively fixed their belief on the altar of spilled blood, selfinflicted pain and religious exclusiveness, whereas the original teaching of the Christ was one of internal happiness, sacrifice (letting go) of unspiritual weakness and unbounded brotherly love. But, at the end of this End, there will be still sóme upright people left in the darkening world and they will then be gloriously taken up to heaven during a happening that is called the Rapture.

The Cassiopaeans are a group of extraterrestrial beings that, since the 1970s, talk with a group of Americans by way of the infamous Ouiaboard. The amount of information they have collected in this way is staggering and quite detailed on a broad variety of subjects. And also they, these C’s that by the way call themselves our Future Selves, relay their messages about the End of Time, an event, they say, that will enter our solarsystem quite soon in the form of a Wave-front that will carry all good and well prepared souls from this 3d to a 4d-dimension, where we will continue our evolution.

The Vikings have provided imagery for many a movie sequel with théir belief in Raknarok, the ultra-epic battle at the end of time, where the good guys fight against the bad ones and where ultimate bravery and sacrifice is rewarded by admission to the Viking variant of Heaven, where the valiant warriors will for ever be able to shine in heavenly armour, fight invincibly against bold demons and enjoy everlasting feasts of pigmeat and meede.

And then there is the brandnew religion of the Raelians, where in line with the instructions of the extraterrestrial Rael, the believers are developing the science and practice of human cloning, as that will be the way in which the people of the near future will be able to experience true (…) immortality and an everlasting process of growth of knowledge and power.

And I’m sure you all heard of a quite recently developed scientific philosophy, misleadingly called ‘Transcendentialism’, where efforts are directed towards a gratifying unification, a melding, of biology and technology, where all of humanity will be turned into a supercomputer and all Google endorsed information will be available to everyone at every time for all time.

In this manner there are numerous philosophies, religions and spiritual pathways, from the very ancient ways to the ultra modern, that want to leave their mark on present day humanity, or what’s left of it.

Another fairly new arrival on the testing grounds in this amphitheater of spiritual racetracks originated in China, where it actually was fairly quickly forbidden, on punishment with torture, concentrationcamp and death.
Most of Chinese citizens have therefore developed a deep fear of this philosophy and hastily turn a blind eye whenever they see or hear something that is related to it. I am pointing to the international Falun Dafa Movement that promotes nothing more dangerous than an easy to do set of five very simple exersises, that – as the founder of this movement, Mr. Li Hongzhi, states – can restore good health of the students of this regime and will ultimately enable them to fulfill their spiritual destiny.

Since I personally decided to start following this daily routine of – you could maybe call them spíritual Chi-kung – exercises, I have been thinking about writing a little article about it, to communicate my views on this matter and to point at the take that this Group has on the primary subject of this document, the End of Time…

I am not completely new to the spiritual scene, you could say, as I have for more than thirty years diligently practiced the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi techniques of the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Yeah, I know, the guy that supposed to have a lott of sex with a lott of his pupils, esp. the famous ones, of which there were, and are, a good many of them. And… no, I have actually been a fulltime member of their ‘inner circle’, meaning a group of professional meditators under the direct guidence of this Maharishi fellow, from which I could only come to the conclusion that all of these rumours are absolutely and completely untrue!
But anyway, that is not the subject of this little article.

Whereas this TM thing is in my opinion absolutely great, for me personally it seemed to diminish its effectivity as a tool of physical relaxation and spiritual cultivation, ever since – due to the TM movement being under attack of ‘shady parties’ – I left my full-time work there and ‘returned’ to the ‘normal’ world. Actually, this move from one world to another was very difficult for me, resulting in considerable spiritual dullnes and physical weakness. After I recovered, I still felt spiritually famished and longed for a renewal of the experience of inner silence and peace, which … I found in Falun Gong!

Personally I am glad that I live in Europe and not in China, as there, the FG-practitioners are even killed for their organs; the Chinese government hoping to kill to flies in one stroke, it seems: to get rid of the liberating influence that this Falun Gong has on the psyche of people, being a thorn in the tongue of the powerhungry ‘communist’ statephilosophy. And, to satisfy its hunger for easy money.

It is actually a disgrace that resolutions in the UN to address these grave violations of human rights in China, have not yet led to any substantial boycots or reprimandes. Probably the family of nations is in this regard first and foremost thinking about its wallet, since China is an economic power to reckon with.

Whereas it is, in my own experience, true that the practice of Falun Gong has a profound effect on the human mind in as much as it sharpens the intellect, clarifies the emotions and liberates one of the debillitating noose of any and all addictions, it can hardly be said that such from addictions liberated people are a menace to an industrial society, as it has actually been proven time and again that a company, ány company, that has many Falun Gong people in its workforce, performs better on all fronts, as in general Falun Gong practitioners work harder, have less clouded intelligence and are more focused on what they are doing. At least, that’s what some of the managers of companies that do have a big FG-workforce have admitted proudly.

Well, the time will tell it’s tale…which brings us to the title of this article again: the Endtime! It is, I think, interesting to see that some of the older, more orthodox spiritual paths (of which falun Gong is also a member, since the founder states that he actually reawakened this specific spiritual science from antiquity) have similer views, or at least views that would fit well in the same picknickbasket.

From the scriptures of Falun Gong, the so called Zhuan Falun, it can be understood that the phisical and spiritual purification that occurs through the regular practice of Falun Gong goes actually só far as to change the makeup of the practitioner’s body into a body-of-light, so to speak. A body that still looks the same from the outside, through ordinary eyes that is, but whose materials have all been replaced, or upgraded by stuff from higher dimensions, as a result of which it no longer ages and one gains a very youthful complexion.

The ‘endtime’-thing is… a bit similar to what i.e. Christianity, or at least some forms of it, are saying (the rapture), in that there will come a time, now not so far in the future, so say the theories in the Zhuan Falun, a time that is called the Fa-rectification, where Falun Gong practitioners – who have been making an immortal body for themselves – will be able to physically lift off and take it with them to another, more heavenly, dimension.

Maybe it sound spooky for some, an intellectual bridge too far for many skeptic scientists and pratical people. But, then again, for a scientist who studies the comparabillity of religions, this kind of ascension to heaven as a divine gift for good behavior is an echo that can clearly be found in virtually all of man’s religious and even philosohical scriptures. So, even if many people nowadays will not like to see any scientific probabillity in all of these old and new texts becoming a reality very soon, it does point to some mysterious (?) kind of ‘feeling’, hunch or even subconcious desire that seems clearly to be common to all peoples, from all races and all times. As if none of us feel happy on this planet and everyone in their heart of hearts wants to go …’home’.

Part of all of us, wánts all of this planetary hellish stuff to end. Even the monsters are not happy with the status quo, for which reason they are working hard in their own ways to try to perpetuate their hold, their power, over these unpredictable waves of treaterous nature.

Will all these old and new theories that speak of the possibillity of a sudden profound change be right? Will ‘it’ happen in our lifetime? Some believe it will. Some will never even remotely wánt to, dare to believe in the occurence of such an outrageous possibillity. But still, many scientific theories even, that deal with time and use prediction models to generate an image of a probable future, point strongly at some or other catastrophic and/or glorious threshold that, according to them, is fast approaching.

Thát we, the human race, are about to reach some kind of special, irreversable milestone on our path through (pre)history sééms certainly not devoid of any logic, as reading even only the first paragraph of this article will give most readers the sensation of some kind of a doomsdaythingy that is creeping up on us.

Personally I get it that people become all negative and fatalistic in “these latter days”, but personally, I prefer to do it the oldfashioned way and keep my mind directed towards the hope of a “grand finale” where they all lived happily ever after. I mean, what’s the point of being all depressed and hung up over this Endtime thingy?! I’d rather go off with a puff of heavenly perfume than down with a sickening boom.
And, anyway, this Falun Gong thingy that came on my path really seems to help me with keeping a positive and happy outlook and, it helps me with that in an easy graceful way that I had not imagined possible.
If this counts as a short review of Falun Gong, from my own experience, I highly recommend it!

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